Monday, February 2, 2015

Lingerie Review: Anemone Women's Lace Bralette

In this post I’m introducing an affordable and one of the basic items in the bra collection, a soft triangle bra. 

When I just started getting interested in lingerie, I was browsing Amazon for any bras in my size (30B/32A/XS/S). Anemone Women’s Lace soft triangle bralettes were the first that I noticed and purchased. They look classy and the price for set of two would not break a bank. They are well-made and bralettes have good quality to them. After washing Anemone bralettes a couple of times they didn’t fall apart and still keep their shape. There are only two sizes available, S/M and M/L, but from the reviews they run small and would not fit ladies with band sizes above 36 and cup sizes above C-D. It does make the bralettes a great option for small-busted women without costing a huge amount of money. They don’t provide a lot of support or shape since they are made of lace and mesh with a band elastic and hook-n-eye closures on the back. I would mention that the band is quite stretchy and I have to wear it on the second closure. They are comfortable for doing errands around the house or for private time with a loved one. You can wear them under thick sweaters or blouses. It is a perfect bralette for days when I want to have a rest from wires and padding. My little pillows of happiness fit nicely and feel great like in a hammock :)

There are a variety of colors available and mostly they are sold in the sets of two or four. Also the price depends on the set, but they are cheap with nice quality and just overall worth it. And for the price I will add another set when I order again from Amazon.
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Disclaimer: The item in the post was purchased by me with my own money. This is my honest opinion.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lingerie Review: Intimately Free People V-Wire Bra

The Intimately Free People V-Wire Bra in Melon in XS ($38) reminds me of Lalilouche Belle Black Grecian Tulle Bra that was featured in previous post as a lingerie wish list item. In my opinion Free People’s bra is more on a wearable and also affordable side. The satin bows of Lalilouche might not fit under the clothes, and also the sheer cups do their job of not hiding but exposing. And this makes Lalilouche more of a lounge wear for me. And I’m all about practicality and building a collection with basic pieces (with a twist). But sales and discounts always attract me :D. 

The bra has thick melon orange flower lace on front, and is lined with same color mesh on the inside. It is soft cup bra without a normal underwire, but the wire is in the center creating a deep V shaped neckline. No molded cups are here, but bra is definitely not a see through. But you can observe the shape of the nipple. Support comes from the wide elastic satin bottom band that keeps everything in place and actually feels like nothing. It is not tight or loose. When you touch it feels quite thick and strong, but it is also lightweight. The band has three hook-and-eye closures. It is just an ideal tightness boarding with the feelings “do I wear a bra?” and “can I breathe?” I mean I wore it for the whole day and didn’t get red marks from the band, but only from the V-wire. The actual wire is small. There is no enough deepness or wideness to the wire to make the bra wearable under the deep neckline dress. The straps of the bra are also adjustable. 
It is currently on sale on Free People website. There are limited quantities and colors, but you can also try to check at eBay.
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Disclaimer: The item in the post was purchased by me with my own money. This is my honest opinion.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Kat's Wish List Winter/Xmas/Ma Birthday/Graduation Addition

Holidays are coming. Sales are coming. And wish lists of gifts for yourself are growing bigger and bigger, and the wallet is becoming thinner and thinner… But we still can look and desire. 
 From Left to Right
Love Haus Impulse Bralette ($45) is beautiful in nude with black lace and vertical soft boning. Reminds me of Ann Summers Pure Lace bra because of again used boning. This one has molded cups and lace straps for extra support. 
Flashyouandme Nude Triangle Bralette with Floral Applique ($48.53)caught my eye with the beautiful lace and beads. It looks so seductive with a huge amount of sensuality to it. There are also matching panties and suspender belt which adds to the delicate look of this bralette.
Maison Close Sublime Luxure Corset Bra ($85) also has soft boning as Love Hause Bralette and Ann Summers bra. It gives some push up and lift (as said on the website in the product description), even though I do not fully trust this statement. Comparing the Love Hause and Maison Close bras, Love Hause would win since it can be worn under clothes. But Maison Close is more of a bedroom look with its sheer lace.
 Lalilouche Belle Black Grecian Tulle Bra with Silk Satin Bows ($120) is a part of my big dream of having impractical but gorgeous piece of lingerie in my collection (later, of course). The delicate lace at the front just makes the bra so feminine, and I think without it the look could be too nude. You can sleep in this bra and feel like a sexy sleeping beauty, but I personally prefer my Hello Kitty jumper ( Yeah, I have it! And I love it!) with its comfiness and warmness (and the price of this bra just scares the heck out of me!). 
The two panties are FRKSlingerie Turquoise Birds ($45) and High waisted with birds ($60) panties. As you noticed both of them have big bows on the back, and being honest, I love these bows so much... But probably none of these panties would fit into any clothes, and I would have to just lounge around wearing them. One sometimes buys lingerie not fr practicality, but for the look of it or promise of beauty, and it is totally fine to make yourself happy.

 Dottie's Delights The Bow Playsuit ($89) is a gorgeous retro pin-up style piece of lingerie that makes me want to have blonde hair. It looks so perfect on the model that I dream about it, and just lose my self-esteem trying to figure out if it looks good on me. It is so sexy and at the same cute and innocent looking that I've almost convinced myself to buy it. But I'm still trying to fight the urge!:(
  ArabelLingerie blue lace and black satin bow knicker and suspender set ($120.37) is a girly lacy perfection with a bow and suspenders... Pretty! Unfortunately, I do not wear stockings (but would like to!) and the set could be used only in the bedroom. But wearing it I would feel like a little cute ballerina! 
Topshop soft bra and high waisted knickers ($62) attracted with the combination of sheer black mesh and beige gold eyelash lace. The simplicity and at the same time gorgeousness of this set just makes me wanna get it and be happy. Not sure the high waisted panties would look nice on me, but you never know. 
Topshop Velvet Soft Bra and High Waisted Knickers in Pale Pink ($64) is the first lingerie item made out of velvet that I've wanted. Ever! Gorgeous set with a vintage vibe is also available in Black.
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P.S. Nothing was purchased by me. Yet... To be continued...*evil laugh* 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lingerie Review: Asos Basic Microfibre Molded Balconette Bra & Asos Boudoir Basic Push Up Bra

 As a beginner lingerie collector (and also because I’m on a budget) it was decided to start from some basic pieces. I do not put my need to purchase lingerie on any of the lower stages of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, because I love food (Foodie People Unite!). I mean I have to eat and drink to survive and have a roof above my head, so I would never spend more money than I can actually afford. Every decision and purchase is done after long and deep consideration and accounting of all pros and cons. And this was one of the reasons to start this blog. Let’s face it! It is a lot easier to buy skincare and makeup than lingerie just because there are tons of customer reviews on any existing product. I understand that we are all different, and breasts can be different shapes and sizes, and bras of the same size might not work for everyone, but the same situation is with skincare and makeup, you can simply get allergic to it even though it worked for other people. But you can find and read good or bad reviews, but there are so few reviews if any on lingerie that every purchase is a lot of pain and frustration, and it is hit or miss. And I just want to provide some reviews for people who are thoughtful about spending and do not like blind buying, and are seeking opinions and experiences of other customers with brands and products, because I’ve needed it (and have not found!).

           So let’s stop rambling and let’s start the review on two products! Both of them are from Asos, and both of them are basic bras that would find their comfy place in any wardrobe.

          Asos Basic Microfibre MoldedBalconette Bra in Pink is in size 30B, since Asos store does carry lingerie in various sizes including mine. This bra has molded, round cups that keep the shape. It is a balconette bra with a square neckline, with adjustable detachable straps and three hook and eye back closure. On an inside the band has silicone stripes on top and bottom. The band is tight just warning you. But because of its tightness and silicone it will stay in place, so you can wear it under a strapless dress. And I did bend in this bra for around ten times and it did not slide down! It enhanced my cleavage and made my breasts look like melons… kh kh kh… I mean peaches…J There are no gaps in the bra cups because my breasts are fully taking over the entire space. And even my smaller breast! This bra does not have push up padding inside, but because it fits so perfectly that it lifts my breasts and forms a beautiful shape. Molded cups are smooth and would not be seen under the clothes. Overall, the quality is nice, and I definitely would recommend it. There were a couple of threads on the stitching of the underwire, but I quickly got rid of them. 
P.S. And I did buy two more of balconette bras in Blue and Red. Black Friday Sale... Could not resist!

           Asos Boudoir Basic Push Up Bra inPink is also in size 30B. Even though it does say it is a push up, and has “Graduated push-up padding to enhance the cleavage”, there is no extra padding in the cup. It is a simple molded cup plunge bra. And I also think that the “graduated push-up” was supposed to be “gradual push-up”. In my opinion, they need to hire me to write the product descriptions… But anyway, Asos has free return policy, and I actually could return it back because the purchased item was not as described, but I decided that there are never enough of molded bras that fit nicely. Plunge bra is the same color as the balconette, has smooth cups and tight band with two hook and eye closure. The straps are adjustable, but not detachable. No silicone. I like this bra because it is a basic piece that I can wear under anything, and obviously it is my size and it is comfortable. 
I hope you’ve found this review helpful and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: The item in the post was purchased by me with my own money. This is my honest opinion.