Monday, February 2, 2015

Lingerie Review: Anemone Women's Lace Bralette

In this post I’m introducing an affordable and one of the basic items in the bra collection, a soft triangle bra. 

When I just started getting interested in lingerie, I was browsing Amazon for any bras in my size (30B/32A/XS/S). Anemone Women’s Lace soft triangle bralettes were the first that I noticed and purchased. They look classy and the price for set of two would not break a bank. They are well-made and bralettes have good quality to them. After washing Anemone bralettes a couple of times they didn’t fall apart and still keep their shape. There are only two sizes available, S/M and M/L, but from the reviews they run small and would not fit ladies with band sizes above 36 and cup sizes above C-D. It does make the bralettes a great option for small-busted women without costing a huge amount of money. They don’t provide a lot of support or shape since they are made of lace and mesh with a band elastic and hook-n-eye closures on the back. I would mention that the band is quite stretchy and I have to wear it on the second closure. They are comfortable for doing errands around the house or for private time with a loved one. You can wear them under thick sweaters or blouses. It is a perfect bralette for days when I want to have a rest from wires and padding. My little pillows of happiness fit nicely and feel great like in a hammock :)

There are a variety of colors available and mostly they are sold in the sets of two or four. Also the price depends on the set, but they are cheap with nice quality and just overall worth it. And for the price I will add another set when I order again from Amazon.
Thanks for reading!
Disclaimer: The item in the post was purchased by me with my own money. This is my honest opinion.


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  3. Oh, nice bras!
    have you tried to order something from another web-sites?

  4. I often wear such bras at winter under my hoody or sweaters. For that I love winter) Most part of my "winter" bras are from here
    ( )

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